Many people feel that adjusting teeth for a straighter, more natural smile is something that has to take place during our younger years and that once we enter adulthood it is too late to make any adjustments. Well, simply put, that is not the case. At One 44 Dental we help patients of all ages to achieve the smile of their dreams.


It is never too late to get misaligned teeth brought into line and thanks to fantastic breakthroughs in orthodontic techniques the process is much subtler than you might imagine.


At One 44 Dental Ltd we use the Six Month Smiles system of orthodontics. This excellent system of fixed orthodontics uses clear brackets and tooth coloured arch wires to gently align teeth into the desired position over an average time of six to nine months. Rather than the metal braces you may be familiar with which can take years and can require multiple teeth to be extracted.

When you come in for your consultation at One 44 Dental you will have a one to one chat with Dr Andy Cope who will discuss your needs and explain in greater detail how the Six Month Smile system works. The consultation is is to examine your mouth and offer treatment options and quotations specific to that treatment that needs doing, there is no obligation to proceede.


Our smile is one of our most prized possessions and we believe that patients should not feel awkward or uncomfortable about there smile when problems with misaligned teeth can be so easily fixed.


To arrange your consultation at One 44 Dental then call 01709 709 777 or email




It’s never too late for a beautiful smile