Dental implants are used to replace one, several or even all of a patient’s teeth if they have been lost. Whether a tooth has been broken in an accident or lost to disease doesn’t matter, dental implants provide a solution to restore a full and confident smile.

Dental implants replace the tooth in its entirety by inserting an artificial root and fixing a replacement tooth at the top. The fixings are secure and the look, feel and performance of the replacement tooth is similar to that of a natural tooth.

Dental implants are designed to sit in your mouth for many years. At One 44 Dental we invest in the highest grade implants for our patients. We do this because they are of a superior quality and much less likely to cause problems for a patient than their cheaper counterparts.

Similarly, some clinics may offer a faster ‘express’ style procedure with all stages completed at once. We would not recommend this method. It is important to allow the mouth time to settle and recover after each stage, aggressively speeding up the process can lead to problems and corrective treatment further down the line – we prefer to get it right first time.

We will discuss your case with you in great detail and provide you with all treatment options and costs during your consultation, before deciding the best way to proceed. You are not under any obligation to go ahead with the procedure. Installing dental implants is a significant procedure and Dr Cope is very happy to meet with patients who would like to find out more. He will examine the tooth/teeth to be replaced and provide his honest opinion on the best solution to your problem.

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