We believe firmly that prevention is better than cure. At One 44 Dental we are committed to achieving the best possible levels of care in the prevention, treatment and management of gum disease for our patients.

Gum disease typically presents as red, swollen, bleeding, or painful gums (Gingivitis). With treatment and proper home care, Gingivitis is reversible; but left untreated can progress to the more severe Periodontitis. In this case the underlying bone becomes affected and the teeth become mobile, resulting in tooth loss.

Regular visits to your hygienist bring real and significant benefits. As well as maintaining an optimal level of tooth & gum health, and preventing the onset of dental disease, early identification and timely treatment of problems save time and money for patients, because issues are addressed whilst they are still small.

Research also shows that people with gum disease may be at greater risk of heart and coronary artery disease.

Genetic Testing

While gum disease itself is rarely genetic, the way your body responds to it is. We now also offer Genetic testing to check for mutations in the Interleukin-1 Gene cluster. Performed with a simple cheek swab, this test identifies abnormalities in the way your body deals with inflammation, thus affecting the progression and severity of gum disease on an individual basis.

Taking Control of Gum Disease

Please take the time to watch this very important, five minute video made by the British Society of Periodontology of four different patients, who in their own words talk about the importance of “ownership” and “taking control of” their Periodontal (Gum) disease. This is a fantastic video, very much worth watching to the end. Please click on the link below.


All treatments with our Hygienist are done on a referral basis only.

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