The impact of plastics on our environment is of major concern and as such we all need to take steps wherever possible to reduce the amount of plastic waste going into landfill. As we know, interdental cleaning is imperative to Oral Health, so how can we dispose of oral hygiene products responsibly? At One44 Dental we applied for, and were chosen to take part in, the TePe pilot recycling initiative. This is a pilot scheme aimed at getting dental practices and patients on board to encourage the recycling of TePe interdental brushes. Currently in the UK we cannot recycle any products composed of more than one element, toothbrushes and interdental brushes fall into this category. Please save your used interdental brushes and drop them into our practice recycling bin, which is located on the back of reception, at each visit to the practice. We will then send the products to be incinerated to produce steam for heat & electricity, and bottom ash which will then be used to Tarmac roads. Please help us in this scheme if you can. Together each small step helps protect our planet. Further information can be found in our TERI recycling scheme information booklet located in our waiting room. Thank you for your help with this scheme, the One44 Dental team.
TePe Environmental Recycling Initiative.