Visiting the Dentist can be a daunting experience for most people, we completely understand this. For people with Autism the dental experience can be even more challenging and this is something we fully recognise and appreciate. At One44 Dental we have been working hard to help autistic patients and their families to prepare for their dental visit. By working in conjunction with families prior to their visit, we can help each other make your appointment as relaxed and enjoyable as possible for your child. With this in mind we have produced a welcome pack designed for the families of Autistic children (we can adapt this pack for adults too) to help each family to prepare and support their child prior to their visit, and for each family to help us to prepare for their visit too, by understanding a little about your child’s individual needs before we meet them. This allows us to approach the dental appointment is a way that is specifically tailored to your child. Below is a sample of some of the pages in our pack to give you an idea of what it entails. The pack is a work in progress and we are more than happy to receive feedback from our autistic families should they feel we need to add or omit anything from the pack. If you would like a copy of our autism friendly welcome pack please pop in and say hi or give us a call and we can get one out in the post to you  Kind regards, the One44 Dental team.
Understanding Autism.